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Part-time Patriotism & Festive Freedom Appreciation

Posted by Sean RN on October 7, 2007

I’ve spent the past couple days deciding on how to blog and comment about a video segment I caught on CNN a couple days ago. This video encapsulates the attitude of our society and the mentality of American’s today. The almighty dollar is apparently a much stronger and much higher value than your price of freedom in these United States of America.

I often wonder where our loyalty and where our honor has dissolved?

September 10, 2001

Yep we all remember that date don’t we? Do we remember April 30th, 1975? Do we remember June 6, 1944?

Do you enjoy your freedoms that so many have fought for? Do you take for granted the independence that so many have defended?

Do you feel safe in your home? Do you feel safe in your city? In your state? In your Country?

Are you reading this blog right now without fear of repercussion?????

Are you reading this in English?????


I become disgusted when Americans (like myself) don’t seem to have the decency or the mental capability of understanding where we came from in order to appreciate where we may go.


Why is it that we only show our patriotism festively?


Why do we not defend our great nations values and beliefs everyday?


Is it so hard?


Which is more important to you? The money you make, or the life you are given?


Do you appreciate your freedom? Or do you abuse it?


A veteran in Reno, NV decided to teach a local store about the country he/we live in:

Do you think the veteran was wrong? Or did it anger you to see your United States Flag being flown underneath another?

The question is, would you have done anything about it? If it was on your street in your town would you let it pass?


Do you ever stop to think about what royalties you have as an American?

Well how did you get them?


Were they free?


Who’s paying for them?


How are they paying for them?


What sacrifices have they made?


What sacrifices are they making now?


And how do you honor their sacrifice?



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