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Having a F.I.T. New Year: Part II

Posted by Sean RN on March 8, 2008

So we covered the New Year’s resolution, and the Obesity problem, as well as the “American Way”.

So the question is, how can one stick with it? How do we persevere and stay on track with our goal of better weight management?

How do we stubborn and spoiled American’s get out of our habit, out of our rutt of settling for the easy way out. We love the quick/fast and in a hurry fix’er-upper program.

I’m sure if I told you that Program A will get you to lose 30lbs in 1 month as opposed to Program B will get you to lose 30lbs in 6 months, you would choose Program A. (once again quicker)

What if I also told you that with Program A you won’t have to exercise… all you have to do is take a pill, and Program B you have to exercise, which one would you choose? (Yep Program A again)

Here’s the cold-hard truth. The hypothetical Program A doesn’t exist. Sure, their are plenty of fad-diet’s out there that would love to argue and sing a different tune, but of course that’s why they are called fad-diets.

If you’ve ever tried these type of diets, you ever notice how easy it is? How easy maybe the first couple or first 10 or so pounds can and do come off? Then all of a sudden it reverses on you? You start to gain weight?

Here’s the secret to any weight loss success or failure. The amount of time it takes you to lose the weight is proportional to the amount of time you’ll keep that very same weight off.

So lets’ do the math.

I lose 10lbs in 4weeks or less, I’m gonna gain all that back (and probably more) in 4 weeks. Now we won’t split hairs on the exact numbers, but as a general rule if it was that easy to take the weight off, it will be just as easy to put the weight back on.

The physiological reality is you are simply squeezing the water out of your body. And like any sponge, squeeze it hard enough and you’ll empty it dry, but give it just a lil bit of the same stuff you got rid of, and it soaks it up immediately.

Your body is the same way. The first ‘type’ of weight you will lose is excess water weight. Now everyone’s body fluctuates on a ‘DAILY’ basis as to how much H2O you can gain or lose. I for one can gain/lose up to 8lbs a day since I drink a heck of a lot of fluid through my day.

So quite simply : H20 = extra weight.

If you think I’m making this up, look into it. Bodybuilders live by this principle. When they are not competing they will simply monitor the amount of water they take in. During a competition, usually 3-6 days before the actual event they start to dehydrate themselves to give them that ‘ripped’ look. How else do you think they get those veins/muscles to pop out??

Stay tuned for the next installment: The F.I.T. lifestlye.

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One Response to “Having a F.I.T. New Year: Part II”

  1. Bee said

    I don’t think you answered the question you postulated at the beginning: how does one stick with it?

    How does one, indeed? Especially seeing that every deprivation, both psychological and physiological, leads inevitably to a binge…


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