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The Control Factor

Posted by Sean RN on April 25, 2008

Learning to control only what we can directly control. So this begs the question.. do we really try to control what we can’t control?


That’s how we develop our stress. That’s where your worries come from. That’s why we are or can become very unhappy.

We worry about the bills. We worry about the health of our loved ones. We worry if he or she likes me. We worry if our job is secure. The list is endless.

The question is, why? Why do we try to control that which we have no control over? Why not simply control what we can control….meaning control us.

Yep. Simply controlling YOU can alleviate if not eliminate stress, aggravation and possible unhappiness.

So… controlling you? What the heck does that mean?

Learn to control your reaction to something… not the event itself. So it’s a rainy day. Instead of being aggravated and upset that it’s not a sunny day, learn to adapt to the situation. Be happy that it’s not raining on you! Be happy that there isn’t a hole in the roof of your car or house!

Keep it simple. Control yourself.. not others. Control your actions, not the actions or intentions of others. Control how YOU can improve a situation instead of pointing the finger at someone else.

If you can’t control it… let it go.

Take care of yourself and yours.

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